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Most Common Misconceptions About Violin Practice & Making Mistakes

By Rozanna Weinberger Practicing often entails making mistakes. But one of the greatest sources of confusion is how to deal with mistakes effectively. From the standpoint of utilizing our natural abilities it may come down to how we notice things.  A skilled teacher will help provide the student with the necessary parameters to observe perceived […]

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The Most Common Misconceptions About Right Hand Finger Action

by Rozanna Weinberger Right hand finger action is a cause for bewilderment by many students. The myth is that the fingers must be trained to move back and forth,  to curl and straighten, to effect a proper bow hold.  While in principal its true these movements need to occur,  the movements are the effect of a […]

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5 Common Misconceptions About Basic Violin, Viola Technique

By Rozanna Weinberger The following article covers 5 common misconceptions typical among players young and old.  More advanced players may also show elements of these issues that were never fully overcome causing technique to be more challenging while technical execution may be less than maximum efficiency.     When holding the violin/viola the instrument stays in place by clutching it between […]

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