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Common Misconceptions About Shifting and Holding the Viola/Violin

by Rozanna Weinberger Its fascinating that the discovery of the motion picture was a result of researching whether horses hooves completely leave the ground when racing at a gallop. While shifting on the violin or viola is a very different set of movements than a horse galloping, for a string player to shift with the greatest ease its […]

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Common Misconceptions About Holding the Violin: Balanced vs. Unbalanced

by Rozanna Weinberger Violin hold is one of the biggest enigmas for many string players from beginner to advancing players. Sure its easy enough to grip the violin between the head & neck like a vice until the pain becomes incapacitating. Its even possible to consider pain a necessary trade off for playing a beautiful […]

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Left Hand Technique: The Most Common Misconception About The Wrist

by Rozanna Weinberger Having the opportunity to study with Karen Tuttle on viola was a great one for so many reasons, not the least of which was working with a teacher who set an example as a human being.  But Karen was an inspiration for another important reason. She studied with William Primrose, arguably the most naturally gifted […]

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