A.Breton Violin Outfit AB-10

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The AB-10 Violin Outfit offers price-conscious parents the perfect option for their children, and for anyone who has not yet made the full commitment to playing the violin. The total purchase price of one of these fine violin outfits is scarcely more than six or eight months of the typical rental program. These Anton Breton outfits have all the features deProductsigned to encourage the young student and to make the learning process fun and rewarding.
  • Handcarved, properly graduated, solid spruce top
  • Handcarved solid maple back and sides
  • Fine golden brown gloss finish
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Ebonized hardwood fingerboard & fittings
  • Brazi lwood bow with unbleached white horsehair
  • Featherweight C-3907 shaped case w/blue exterior and light gray interior
  • 2 bow holder,rosin, 2 pocket case