Bobelock 2048 Fiberglass Half-Moon Adjustable Viola Case/ Velvet

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This half moon shaped fiberglass viola case makes a statement all it's own! Colorful and strong fiberglass with a luxurious velvet interior. The 2048 fiberglass features a large accessory pocket, hygrometer, tough flip latches and a weatherproof valance. A unique padded slipcover comes with each case for traveling and includes a large music pocket. Fits violas from 15 to 16 1/2 and up to 260 mm wide. 

  • Glossy exterior in an assortment of colors
  • Strong and durable fiberglass exterior
  • Luxurious Velvet Interior. Durable flip latches
  • Large music pocket,Large accessory pocket
  • Hygrometer, Weatherproof valance
  • Unique padded slipcover for traveling