Bridge Aquila 4 String Electric Violin

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Discover Bridge Aquila 4 String Electric Violins!

Tuned to GDAE the Aquila is an easy transition from an acoustic violin, with the benefits of low volume for practice, and high volume for performance with no feedback!

  • All electric instruments are fitted with a lightweight alloy tailpiece, fitted with integral individual tuners.
  • Dresden style chinrest. The style may vary with availability, but will always be of equal quality.
Bridge Active Circuitry
  • Each model has its own sophisticated and bespoke active circuitry frequency dedicated to each string configuration and designed to perform in conjunction with the BRIDGE pick-up system.
  • It supplies power to drive effects and radio packs and puts the string player on equal footing with every other amplified instrument in the band.

Jack Socket
  • ¼ inch jack - musical instrument standard. The switch jack system automatically switches the active circuitry on and off as the jack is inserted or removed. It is carefully positioned and angled to avoid drag and interference from the cable. We have also ensured that the angle and proportions are compatible with all common wireless solutions.

Available in six house colours and custom finishes.
Black Red, Black Purple, White, Black, Blue, Black Green,Black,

Case Included
  • Hard oblong case with shaped interior.
  • Black Canvas Cover with large Music Pocket.
  • 4 Bow Holders.
  • Plush red velvety lining.
  • Money back guarantee!