Butterfly Dream Violin Outfit
Butterfly Dream Violin Outfit
Butterfly Dream Violin Outfit
Butterfly Dream Violin Outfit

Butterfly Dream Violin Outfit

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Presenting the Butterfly Dream Fuchsia Violin DELUXE PACKAGE.

This affordable violin package will inspire delight and creativity in string players young and old! Teachers will love the quality! Now with an amazing Fuchsia/Glitter finish, this fine violin is made from nicely flamed wood aged six years and features delicate beauty, packed with a lovely sound.

"My daughter Shira delights in Rozanna's Designer Violins, playing with them as though she were in a fairy tale land, moving elegantly from one to the next pending on the mood she is trying to convey. She closes her eyes and enjoys every moment, engrossed in her creativity which is awakened by the Sunflower Delight violin, the Wise Owl, and the Butterfly Dream Violin!"
Sophie Arbuckle Juilliard Pre-College Teacher

This premium quality package includes:
  • Genuine Brazilwood bow with real horsehair, leather and silver wrapping, ebony frog and pearl eye; Octagonal stick for extra power.
  • Lightweight octagonal case with a deluxe silver velveteen interior, blanket, large interior accessory pocket, exterior music pocket, leatherette handles, and convenient shoulder back-pack straps.


  • Fuchsia/glitter finish
  • Nicely flamed and aged wood for six years
  • Deluxe artwork rendered by top American artists
  • Custom transparent varnish
  • Beauty of tone
  • Front is solid Spruce
  • Genuine Maple back, sides, scroll
  • Genuine fine quality ebony fittings are used for fingerboard, chin rest, pegs and tailpiece.
  • Fine quality strings
  • Available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2.

Debunking Myths About Color Violins
- Excerpted from Strings Magazine, March 2013

3 Myths About Painted Violins

  • Myth: Paint inhibits tone.
The notion that paint produces an inferior tone is pure speculation. After all, many inexpensive student violins are covered in a heavy polyurethane finish that offers no more chance for the wood to �breathe� than paint....

  • Myth: Painted violins are poorly constructed.
Many manufacturers of painted violins adhere to the same construction quality found on similarly priced stained and varnished student violins. ...

  • Myth: Painted violins are inherently unplayable.
Painted violins are no more or less playable than a comparable wood-finish student violin in the same price range. All the rules for selecting a student violin apply: check the set-up (the bridge, the string height, the neck angle, the comfort), the condition of the fingerboard, etc. Not all purple violins are created equal, so you should have an expert evaluate the sound, construction, and playability...