Capri Viola Outfit
Capri Viola Outfit

Capri Viola Outfit

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The Capri Viola is a very nice viola with a good sound for any beginner. A great deal for the advancing player! Ebony Fitted, Spirit Varnish, Flamed Back and Sides. It is a complete package and includes nicely flamed genuine Spruce top genuine flamed maple back & sides. The Capri comes with Case and Bow. Case holds 2 bows and has 1 storage compartment and a zip pocket on front of case and shoulder straps on back. Sizes 14, 15, 151/2, 16
  • Genuine Spruce Top
  • Nicely flamed Maple back & sides
  • Ebony fittings
  • Brazil wood bow
  • Shaped Suspension case with 2 bow holders, storage & music compartment
  • Shoulder strap.
  • Includes rosin & strings
  • Sizes 14, 15, 151/2, 16