Core Academy SV30 Cello Outfit

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The Core Academy Series 30 Cello is a great addition to the cello world because it represents affordable quality! It is half the cost of the more famous model, the K500. Constructed of quality maple, spruce & ebony, all of which have been properly air-dried for a minimum of 7 years and fully laminated! Ebony fingerboard, nut & saddle, inlaid purfling. Ebony pegs, endpin, quality maple bridge, Glasser tailpiece with integrated tuners, and Prelude strings. Core Academy Cello Basic Outfit includes our CC480 15 mm padded cover, 1076VC bow, microfiber polishing cloth, and rosin.

  • Ebony pegs, endbutton, fingerboard, nut and saddle; inlaid purfling, end pin;
  • Hand-carved aged maple back, sides, & neck;
  • Hand-carved aged spruce top;
  • French bridge;
  • Tailpiece with built-in tuners;
  • Chrome steel strings made in the U.S.
  • 1076 brazilwood bow
  • Half-lined genuine ebony frog,
  • Core fully padded bag
  • Polishing cloth.
  • All sizes available: 4/4 to 1/8.