Diamondhead  DU-200 Ukulele Baritone

Diamondhead DU-200 Ukulele Baritone

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The Deluxe DU-200 Series is of higher quality and, as with higher priced options on the market, each instrument also features a rosewood fingerboard with nickel-silver frets and a rosewood bridge.

Gold-plated guitarstyle tuners with white plastic buttons are standard for this series as well, and a durable black gig bag completes the outfit


  • Mahogany body and neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge w/M.O.P. plastic dots
  • Gold-plated guitar-style geared tuners with white plastic buttons
  • White plastic saddle
  • Natural mahogany, polyurethane finish
  • Bag included
  • Available in 5 scale lengths: Soprano, Soprano with a pineapple shape ($74.95), Concert ($79.95) , Tenor and (104.95) Baritone ($109.95)