Hiscox Litelife OVNC Oblong Violin Case
Hiscox Litelife OVNC Oblong Violin Case
Hiscox Litelife OVNC Oblong Violin Case

Hiscox Litelife OVNC Oblong Violin Case

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These incredibly strong yet lightweight cases are from the UK and are making waves in the US.

The Hiscox Litelife OVNC Oblong Violin Case is an oblong case with replaceable fitted cover incorporating a full size music pocket and carrying strap that can be used back-pack style. It comes with a Blue, black or red cover and weighs only 3.1 kg.

The UNIQUE bonding of the inner molding to the outer shell gives unbeatable, total structural rigidity which is UNMATCHED BY ANY OTHER CASE IN THE WORLD in this price range, according to Hiscox company spokesperson. Acrylonitrile Butadeine Styrene, (A.B.S.) due to it's unique balance of properties, produces moldings which have strength, toughness and rigidity over a wide temperature range. These characteristics make it first choice for applications throughout manufacturing businesses world-wide - from computer housings to motor car bumpers - and of course, Hiscox cases!
  • Molded, high impact resistant A.B.S. plastic outer shell, bonded directly to an inner molding of 'High Tech' cellular foam.
  • The inner molding is feather light and, being semi-rigid, soaks up impact shocks incredibly well.
  • The case lining is made with crushed velvet.
  • Neatly tailored luxurious feel.
  • Aluminum valance
  • Unlike any other case available, the valance extends deep inside the case behind the plastic shell. This method of fixing greatly reduces the possibility of fittings coming loose.
  • Two bow-holders
  • Increased thermal protection.
  • large accessory box for rosin
  • Fully padded instrument body area.
  • Complete with carrying strap.