HUMIDIFIER: Stretto Cello Humidifier

HUMIDIFIER: Stretto Cello Humidifier

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The world's latest humidifier for cello comes in a sleek design and fits conveniently in your instrument case. Thanks to a new technology, the humidity stabilizer STRETTO is now coming on the market. It has been thoroughly tested and together with the digital Hydro / Thermometer (sold separately) it offers the best protection for any String Instrument.


  • Made in Switzerland,
  • Sleek model,
  • Comes with 2 replacement bags,
  • Fits conveniently in your instrument case
  • Cello 115 x 95 x 15 mm.

Why use a humidifier?

The winter months ahead will bring with them colder and drier air which can be dangerous for instruments and bows. Bow horsehair shrinks in dry air which can impair sound quality, or cause the bow to warp, or could even result in a disastrous bow tip break. A good phrase that comes to mind is: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Purchasing an inexpensive humidifier will protect your investment and you to sound your best.