Jean Tabary Original Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

Jean Tabary Original Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

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Jean Tabary ORIGINAL CARBON FIBER bows are meticulously made in the French tradition of bow making and at an unheard of price! These bows represent the fruits of Jean Tabary's very own design and production in Poland. Graphite holds much promise for bow making, ranging from the environmental benefit of reducing demand for endangered Pernambucco wood, to the practicality of a nearly unbreakable stick, which is all but impervious to climatic change. Of course, none of this would matter very much if graphite did not have the potential to deliver performance superior to Pernambucco when cost is an issue. The Jean Tabary Original Carbon Fiber Bow, in development for nearly ten years, fulfills that promise.


  • The Bow is finished with a German made, ebony frog
  • Nickel lining
  • Leather and silver grip
  • Highest quality Mongolian horse hair
  • Backed by an unbelievable LIFETIME Guarantee!
  • Light = 77 grams - 79.5 grams
  • Medium = 79.6 grams - 81.5 grams
  • Heavy = 81.6 grams - 83 grams

Here is a review from a musician who happens to be a fan of the Jean Tabary bows:

"I've been using the Tabary bow regularly in orchestra and it works great! I wouldn't use anything but a really comfortable bow for a Mozart symphony with our new music director, James Levine, conducting." Bonnie Bewick Brown, 1st violinist, Boston Symphony Orchestra