JonPaul Avanti Carbon Composite Violin Bow

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JonPaul Bows are the finest carbon composite bows in the world. Responsive and with a beautiful tone, they inspire confidence and improve a player's skill. See, feel, and hear the difference. The proof is in the playing. The JonPaul Avanti violin bow is for professionals and for those who demand professional sound. Nothing compares in its price range. JonPaul bows are crafted from start to finish in the U.S.A. Customers enjoy the best guarantee and service and the highest quality bows.

Feature include:

  • Burgundy walnut diamond finish
  • One piece exclusive-grade round stick
  • Peccate/ Maline style head
  • Silver tip
  • Premium sterling-silver ebony frog
  • Parisian goldfish eye
  • Sterling-silver winding
  • Lizard grip
  • Finest quality hair
  • Professional level performance