JonPaul CARERRA JP900 Silver-mounted Cello Bow

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This superb one piece violin bow, crafted in the USA, represents a whole new level of quality by Jon Paul bows. Designed for the most discerning professionals, it has a fine balance and feel, making any difficult technical passage feel easier. Special attention is given to each aspect of bow making to achieve a higher level of playing and sound. Available in a range of strengths to fit any taste, the JonPaul Carrera comes with superior balance, weight, and flexibility.


  • One piece limited-grade round stick
  • Silver-mounted frog
  • Silver lapping
  • Faux-lizard grip
  • Superior balance, weight, and flexibility
  • Warm, rich, and powerful tones
  • Fine textured, varnished finish
  • Classic red-brown colors
  • Available in a range of strengths to fit any taste