K. Holtz FG model 10 Fiberglass Bass Bow- German Frog

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K.Holtz FG bows are durable, economical and especially designed for students and professional players who prefer to invest time in their playing, rather than making a big investment in their bows.Sturdy enough to trust in cramped pits and outdoor settings, the K.Holtz FG Fiberglass Violin Bow has great features, unique in its price range.

Eastman Strings is very pleased with the success of these affordable bows: "By introducing K. Holtz FG (fiberglass) bows, we created a phenomenon even we couldnt have predicted. A good, strong, inexpensive student bow with a real ebony/nickel/mother-of-pearl-frog, silver and leather grip, and quality hairmaybe we should have known it would be a runaway hit. It is."

  • Real ebony/nickel/mother-of-pearl German frog,
  • French Frog
  • Silver and leather grip,
  • Quality Mongolian horsehair,
  • Good weight and balance,
  • Sizes 7/8- 1/8