Magic Rosin 3G Monster Violinist
Magic Rosin 3G Monster Violinist

Magic Rosin 3G Monster Violinist

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Magic Rosin has a lively new formula with a little "pop". Made of only pine rosins, and no other ingredients. Developed by a professional cellist for all stringed instruments (premium rosin for violin, viola, cello and bass) . Used by top soloists, professionals and students, Magic Rosin is a new generation of premium rosin.


  • Premium rosin for all stringed instruments
  • Adheres to the bow and strings easily, providing excellent grip and resistance while allowing a smooth, complex sound
  • Contains only highly purified and modified premium grade pine resins, no other ingredients or fillers
  • Developed by a Juilliard trained professional cellist and hand-poured in Minnesota, USA
  • No sparkles or colors or dyes are in the actual rosin, just on the paper below!.
  • Both formulas are used by all instrumentalists, though bassists and cellists tend to gravitate toward the Ultra.