Snow SA 200 Viola Outfit
Snow SA 200 Viola Outfit

Snow SA 200 Viola Outfit

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The Snow SA 200 viola is one of the most popular, high quality violas for the price on the market today! A warm and full bodied sound, the Snow SA 200 made by talented luthiers especially for discerning string players. All Snow violas are hand rubbed with an antique varnish finish, are hand-made, and offer exceptional craftsmanship and value. Each Snow instrument is made from a two piece maple back and solid carved spruce top, hand-rubbed with antique varnish. The wood is naturally dried then placed into a drying room, consistent with old world traditional European practices. This process ensures that the wood will not open or expand, and guarantees stability. This lovely viola uses an Italian Spruce top, with nicely flamed Maple back for a warm, smooth tone. 
  • Hand-rubbed varnish antique finish varnish,
  • Italian tone-woods
  • Italian spruce top, naturally dried
  • Highly flamed maple back,sides
  • Flamed maple back for a warm and smooth tone.
  • Available in sizes 15 - 16.5
  • High quality suspension case with suede interior,
  • Brazil wood bow, octagonal stick