Snow SA 400 Viola
Snow SA 400 Viola

Snow SA 400 Viola

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Due to the extreme popularity of these violas in shops across the country we knew customers would be looking for great deals online! These are top of the line violas made by incredibly talented luthiers especially for discerning string players. All Snow violas are hand rubbed with an antique varnish finish, are hand-made, and offer exceptional craftsmanship and value. Made with beautiful, select tone wood, fine Italian 1704 varnish, highly polished with Antique look. Warm responsive tone & character plus power.
  • Made with beautifully figured select tonewoods.
  • Fine Antique finish
  • Italian 1704 varnished, highly polished, with very attractive antique finish
  • Italian spruce top, enhanced flamed maple back
  • Warm response with unique character and tremendous tone.
  • Available in sizes 15 - 16.5